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Software Engineering Manager


Job Overview:


We {NDT} placed another engineering manager at this client recently who had been a founder/ CTO of a software company.

If “C” titles are important to you, please do not apply. If the work/ people/ and healthcare domain is of interest and important to you, let’s talk.

Our client is a global leader in transitioning healthcare into the home. They are best-in-class  with hardware and software capabilities.
They are a remote-first company with emphasis on work, communication, and socialization.

To be considered, you must reside in the EASTERN SEABOARD of the United States.


  • Experience in the healthcare industry
  • Have worked with and scaled mobile apps


You must be Product focused with  customer and patient outcomes.

  • You will be responsible for a product engineering team delivering key objectives that enable the product to scale, directly improving healthcare provision across the world.
  • You will pair with a Product Manager to be accountable for the outcomes delivered by the team. You will have a firm grasp on why the team is building functionality, for whom and the value it will deliver. You will also contribute to that product vision and strategy and likely have strong natural motivation to do so.
  • You will be aware of the impact of your team’s work on other areas of the organization, including longer term architectural viability of solutions, as well as opportunities for wider cooperation.
  • You will have line management responsibility for the software engineers in your team, including mentoring, regular one on one performance reviews and guidance for members.
  • You will build, grow and maintain an empowered product team.
  • You will contribute to technical design and code reviews, regularly review team success metrics to enable a high performing Engineering culture and make individual code contributions where appropriate.
  • You will work closely with other Senior Engineers, Engineering Managers and Product managers to form a strong community of leaders within the Engineering organization.
  • You have led and managed product-focused, high performance software engineering teams.
  • You have previously contributed significantly as a Software Engineer.
  • From these prior fully hands-on engineering days, you have collected extensive technical experience; knowledge of key patterns, risks, engineering enablement techniques, distributed systems knowledge across managed cloud platforms (AWS), testing approaches and more.




  • You have significant experience delivering quality software
  • You are curious and quick learner
  • You have strong business and technical communication skills (verbal and written)
  • You also listen and gather feedback to coach and empower the team
  • You enjoy inspiring and building momentum in a team
  • You continually look for ways to improve how your team delivers positive outcomes
  • You are a good team player, ready to help, debate, compromise and work together
  • You take an incremental approach to solving problems and making improvements
  • You enjoy mentoring and guiding a team’s project through planning, delivery, and support
  • You enjoy planning and coaching individuals to achieve their career goals
  • You are experienced leading or contributing to cross-team initiatives
  • You have led cross-functional initiatives and have experience working with functions outside of engineering

Their platform is diverse, and ranges from Embedded C on their firmware through Java and Python based microservices as well as Typescript / Angular, iOS and Android platforms for their applications.

Their data stores range from Postgres RDS instances, through to DynamoDB KV depending on the domain. Services are decoupled and largely event driven using Kinesis, SQS/SNS where appropriate.

Their teams take care with the reproducibility of our cloud-based environments and lean on Infrastructure as Code technologies such as Terraform to maintain their growing stack.

They operate an inner source contribution model for their software.

Infrastructure & Configuration: Terraform, Puppet, Serverless Framework / CDK

Languages: Kotlin, Swift, Java, Python, TypeScript, Node.js, Go

Runtimes: Docker/Nomad on AWS EC2, AWS ECS (Fargate), AWS Lambda

Datastores: RDS PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Elasticache (Redis), S3

Messaging: Firebase Cloud Messaging, RabbitMQ, SNS/SQS, Kinesis


Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States legally.

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