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What is a Recruiter?

A Recruiter is a professional who works to match qualified individuals with specific open positions at highly selective client companies. There is no cost to the job seeker, the employer pays the Recruiter. It is the primary responsibility of an experienced Recruiter to get to know their candidates well and to build a professional relationship that adds value.

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Why use a Recruiter?

In today’s fast-paced high-tech job market, exposure to the RIGHT companies and internal contacts are key. Your time is valuable and discretion in your job search is often a must. Professional introductions to key decision makers by an NDT Recruiter mean that you will not waste your personal time and that you are quickly in touch with the correct people at the companies that align with your career goals.

Our professional relationships with decision makers are solid and respected. Since 1979, we have given our candidates access to hidden jobs and have worked with them at every step in the interview process from the initial introduction to the presentation of a formal job offer. Often times, just one conversation between an NDT Recruiter and a hiring decision maker can put you on the path to getting your dream job.

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DEI is in NDT’s DNA

The principles and actions behind Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are nothing new to NDT. It is in our DNA. In 1979, when our Founder and President Beverly A. Kahn pioneered a path for a woman to start and own a recruiting firm, it was a rarity, especially in a traditional setting like New England. It took years of breaking down traditional barriers and a lot of hard work and determination. Beverly and the team at NDT understand the hardships and prejudices that candidates uniquely face in the job market. Over the years, NDT has worked with a countless number of candidates and clients of diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, and gender differences. NDT has long been committed to being inclusive and thorough in our searches, paying close attention to each candidate and the value that they can bring to their profession. This dedication to knowing the candidate as not only a professional but as a person, sets us apart from other recruiting firms.

From our beginning days in 1979 to the present, we are fiercely determined to promoting inclusive, diverse workplaces that feature the finest talent available.