Sr. Software Engineer / SURGICAL ROBOTICS

Boston, MA · Job # 7650BK

This Senior Software Engineer will work with the engineering team to develop and support the next-generation minimally invasive platform. 

The Senior Software Engineer will focus on software development within the specific platform. The Software in this platform will perform supporting functions, control and/or communicate with hardware and other networked devices, and monitor/respond to diverse conditions. 

In addition, s/he will work with cross-functional engineering teams to assist with the evaluation and integration of other technologies into the platform. 

Essential Functions:

Develops software for the next-generation platform:

  • Design and develop innovative software for these cutting-edge platforms. Work with other software engineers and cross-functional personnel to design novel and creative software frameworks, algorithms, etc.

  • Develop the software infrastructure to:

    • Provide a robust operating environment, and supporting capabilities, to application- or function-specific software

    • Integrate low-level software with electronics and hardware, particularly sensors and actuators

    • Monitor conditions; report and/or handle errors or unexpected input

  • Develop software to communicate with devices via network and/or embedded APIs.

  • Integrate third-party software where appropriate.

  • Provide input to other platform teams. Work with customers, vendors, or other technical or non-technical stakeholders to assess software needs and performance.

  • Review code and design to ensure that all software meets quality standards.

  • Investigate anomalies, perform risk based and root cause analysis.

  • Document or participate in the documentation of the software including:

    • Software Development Plan

    • Requirements

    • Architecture and Design Detail

    • Risk Management and root cause analysis

    • Unit testing, anomaly tracking and reports

  • Provide Guidance and Mentoring to Junior team members

Education Required / Preferred:     

  • A minimum of BSc. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or Equivalent Degree with appropriate experience.

  • MSc. strongly preferred. 


Work Experience:     

  • Minimum of 5+ years of software development experience. Must have practical programming experience delivering a real product.

  • Expert coding skills in C++ (including OO techniques)

  • Object-oriented design and development is required

  • Must have a commitment to solid, high-quality code; experience with unit tests / test-driven development strongly preferred

  • Experience integrating hardware and software, particularly in an embedded context. 



  • Hands-on experience with real-time software is strongly preferred (expert knowledge of one or more real-time OS is desirable)

  • Must be able to work in a team environment and meet deadlines

  • Must be familiar with standard OS features (e.g. threading and concurrency, memory management, device drivers, I/O, etc.). However, experience running code without an OS is a strong plus.

  • Comfortable with common development tools: environments, compilers, build management software, debugging and source control tools, etc. 

Preferred Experience:  

  • Experience implementing software for medical products

  • ISO 62304 experience

  • Experience reviewing, porting, and integrating third-party code, and/or using application frameworks, preferred

  • Significant training/experience with electronics is a strong plus

  • Significant experience and knowledge of Design Patterns is a strong plus

  • Background with sensors, signal processing, controls, or robotics is desirable

  • Knowledge of anatomy and/or medical and surgical procedures is a plus                       

Other Skills:

  • Fluency in English required

Working Conditions:

  • Standard office setting for 90% of the time.  Visits to clean rooms, surgical labs, operating rooms, pilot labs, external research organizations, suppliers as required

  • Significant international traveling may be required (up to 20%)

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