Software Engineer

REMOTE, EST time zone, Boston, MA · Job # 8988BK

Our client {B2B/B2C} is a leader in the transition to more healthcare into the home. We have best in class hardware and software capabilities. We partner with leading healthcare organizations to advance home-based care in the US, the UK, and around the world.

This what you will be doing:

  • You will work in one of our software engineering teams, building out our platform and product for use by patients and healthcare professionals.
  • You will build scalable, well-tested applications and microservices.
  • You will collaborate closely with other disciplines, including biomedical engineering, data science, electronics engineering and product science.
  • You will operate across the stack but will have significant back-end or data engineering experience.
  • You will contribute to technical design and code reviews
  • You will help provide 24/7 support for the product, resolving live issues when needed
  • You will be responsible for a product engineering team delivering key objectives that enable the product to scale, directly improving healthcare provision across the world.
  • You will work closely with Product Management and ensure the team is accountable for the outcomes delivered. You will have a firm grasp on why the team is building functionality, for whom and the value it will deliver. You will also contribute to that product vision and strategy and likely have strong natural motivation to do so.
  • You will be aware of the impact of your team's work on other areas of the org, including longer term architectural viability of solutions, as well as opportunities for wider cooperation.

This is what you bring:

  • Significant previous experience as a Software Engineer
  • Knowledge of at least one modern programming language
  • Experience writing tests and testable code
  • Enjoy solving problems and making a difference
  • Experience delivering across managed cloud platforms such as AWS
  • Comfortable reviewing, releasing, deploying and troubleshooting your and other people's code
  • Exposure of working with highly scalable and distributed systems


Tech stack:

We operate with a principle of building core IP, using existing solutions for everything else. We rely heavily on not reinventing technology and particularly on leveraging our AWS backbone and the managed services it can offer.

Our platform is diverse, and ranges from Embedded C on our firmware through Java and Python based microservices as well as Typescript / Angular, iOS and Android platforms for our applications.

Our data stores range from Postgres RDS instances, through to DynamoDB KV depending on the domain. Services are decoupled and largely event driven using Kinesis, SQS/SNS where appropriate.

Our teams take care with the reproducibility of our cloud-based environments and lean on Infrastructure as Code technologies such as Terraform to maintain our growing stack.

Infrastructure & Configuration: Terraform, Puppet, Serverless Framework / CDK

Languages: Java, Python, TypeScript, Go

Runtimes: Docker/Nomad on AWS EC2, AWS ECS (Fargate), AWS Lambda

Datastores: RDS PostgreSQL, Couchbase, DynamoDB, Elasticache (Redis), S3

Messaging: RabbitMQ, SNS/SQS, Kinesis


Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States legally.

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