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If your passion is for technology and a love of aviation, you should join our client company.  They are building the best technology solutions in the business aviation industry.

They have now built and maintain many mobile apps both internal and customer facing for pilots, customers, and employees (both iOS and Android - native code only). Their code base is made up of over 7 million lines of managed code.

They are fans of Angular, Node, Docker, and a host of other technologies. Their production operations data alone consumes 45 terabytes of storage and their private data network stretches for thousands of miles.

They also offer services to the business aviation industry including help desk as a service, aviation specific mobile device management, customized integration solutions, hosting of legacy applications, and general advice on how to stay ahead in the face of technology's accelerating rate of change. 

They are certified in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco Networking, and many Microsoft technologies. They are also resellers of a growing list of software solutions including Mimecast (email threat management), and Office 365.

These are exciting times to be in the technology business and even more so in private aviation!

Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States legally.

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