Senior Software Engineer / Technical Architect

Cambridge, MA · Job # 8455BK

Our client is creating a digitization, trade, workflow and analytics platform. They will revolutionize a multi-trillion dollar market in trade finance and banking.

They are not a ‘crypto-currency-focused’ company.

The technology team is actively building the new platform that will support the strategic workflows and analytics capabilities necessary to revolutionize the way trade finance operates in the future.

They are seeking to hire a Senior Software Engineer capable of designing, architecting and developing world-class code along a full stack across clouds (AWS, IBM and Azure).


  • You will have run the gamut of roles in the development lifecycle and have evolved from developer to technical architect and now operate as both architect and developer.
  • You should be able to serve as, if necessary, as a senior level architect working either on one or across a range of projects.
  • Your level of expertise and experience is at a level that would be able to operate across technology/projects and be relatively agnostic to specific technology selections.
  • You will have delivered multiple architectures ranging from real-time web to native mobile and/or other platforms/form factors.


  • The ‘Developer’ aspect of the role will cover roughly 70% of a typical work cycle with variability by project which may drop hands-on code to the 40%-50% point however that would not be the norm.
  • Code reviews/pull requests are also a significant factor of the role and you would be as comfortable doing a review of the code as he would be refactoring.


  • You will have senior decision making authority on the design of your own code.


  • You will be seasoned in agile development and classic and complete SCRUM.
  • You will have been well seasoned in using those such as JIRA, Zoom/Skype, etc. as well as development tools covering the full range of IDE’s, code analysis tools, QA tools, devops tools and security tools.


  • Your mindset must be one of the ‘10x’ developer which is about getting to the end-solution as quickly as possible which, in part, means embracing other tools/3rd party solutions including various cloud PaaS/SaaS and/or open source solutions.

Technical Experience:

  • The experience of the successful candidate will cover a broad range of technologies along a series of full stack options. .NET, LAMP and various flavors of Javascript frameworks are all ideal experience sets for the individual—and that ideal being a broad range of experiences vs. very deep single stack development experience.  The technology strategy is one centered on a dual-cloud design between Azure and AWS running serverless in both clouds with durable functions and lambdas respectively.
  • Your experiences will be such that this is, basically, a moot point given the fact that the successful candidate will have had such a broad array of experiences that the notion of ‘technology religion’ is simply ridiculous given that the mindset should be: ‘Right tool for the job’ independent of technology origin/provider/history.
  • You are savvy and seasoned on the side of Infosec knowing best practices on the application side of the technology puzzle. You will have been involved in cloud architecture and development at various points over the past five years and would have worked through security concerns on data privacy, multi-tenant application/service design, authorization and interoperability between clouds.


  • 10+ years of experience as a pure technologist and deep technical subject matter expert. You would want to remain as a deep expert and absolutely love to code/build technology and dig deep into developing amazing software which is about exceptional performance, stability and a sophisticated design and efficient implementation. You want to be an individual contributor because you know what makes you tick. The role and opportunity here is ideally suited for someone who absolutely loves to build and code.
  • You masterfully pick up new work and embraces new technologies to suit the use case of the day/week. At the same time you have ‘been there done that’ so many times on embracing new technologies - you look to use the best tool for the job with a thoughtful eye toward development of an ‘expiration-resistant’ design, solution and implementation. You are also expedient and know the value of time to delivery. You move into a sophisticated style of execution with a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach to avoid excessive refactoring.

The Responsibilities:

  • Serving and operating as an exceptionally talented, delivery-focused software architect, engineer and developer to craft some of the most innovative and exceptionally crafty technical designs and implementations that the team has yet to experience.
  • Serving as a senior technical subject matter expert in application development. This includes owning the end-to-end delivery of assigned blocks of work and also the more abstract activities required to craft sophisticated solutions at the level of technical/infrastructure complexity at which our team works/operates.
  • Ability to collaborate with the product team and provide guidance and feedback on how they most optimally iterate on their product designs taking into account technical complexities and also efficiency opportunities.
  • You will have a minimum of a BS in Computer Science and ideally a Master’s in CS

Tech Inventory:

In your career you have explored various technologies and built exceptional applications. You are sufficiently seasoned that the slight nuances and subtleties between tools/languages are well understood. You are focused on crafting unique solutions that offer a quick turn-around.

  • Front-End/Web: Angular 6/7 (3+ years), Typescript (2+ years), React, JQuery, other JS frames but Angular is essential and deepest (ideally with React as a fast-follow).
  • Mid-Tier/App: C# (5-8 years), bonus to have C++ and ANSI-C. Other key languages: Go & Javascript.
  • Mid-Tier Services/Helper/Management Apps:  Dapper, Entity Framework, etc.
  • Data Tier: SQL Server, SQL Azure, CosmosDB, AWS S3/Aurora: Deep relational skills and also No SQL/Doc Database and a bonus with Graph DB (Neo4J, etc.).  Other high performance data solutions such as Memcache, Reddis, etc.
  • Cloud Services: AWS Lambda/Step Functions, Azure Fabric/Duable Functions/Logic Apps, various IaaS/PaaS/Saas (cloud messaging, claims-based authentication services, data cloud PaaS such as Aurora, S3, SQL Azure, etc.).
  • Dev Tools & Devops: Create intelligent and adaptable release scripts and configurations for use everywhere from local development through dev/qa CI and into production using any combination of Chef, Maven, Munin, Ant, Fabric or shell scripts driven by Jenkins. Others such as Git, Ops Genie, Jetbrains, Bash/Shell scripts, PHP, Python, Visual Studio, TeamCity, Octo Deploy, Sonarqube, etc.

Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States legally.

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