Senior Software Engineer

Boston, MA · Job # 8992BK

Our client {FINTECH} is looking to hire a Principal Developer (PD) capable of designing, architecting and developing code along a full stack across clouds (AWS, IBM and Azure).

You will be a senior member on the team in a {IC} individual contributor capacity.

Your work will involve development and architecture with a blockchain-based marketplace trading platform.

You are a HANDS-ON engineer who loves to CODE.

Experience / knowledge and appreciation of the following multiple technologies would bode well for you.


  • Front-end/Web SPA-Experiences: Angular 6, Typescript, React, JQuery, other JS frames but Angular is essential and deepest (ideally with React as a fast-follow) in 2020. Various libraries and open-source add-ons are essential to designing and building a highly flexible and scalable web framework that is coupled to a fine-grained entitlements system.


  • Mid-Tier/App: Lambda/Azure functions in a serverless cloud application coupled with traditional VM’s running .NET/C# and/or Java/Javascript/NodeJS. Other mid-tier services include: Hyperledger, Corda, Quorum, Ethereum, Mulesoft, Camel, Informatica, Dapper, Entity Frame, etc.


  • Data Tier: Postgres / SQL Azure with deep relational skills and also No SQL/Doc Database such as Mongo, Couchbase, Cosmos, Aurora, etc.… Other high performance data solutions such as Memcache, Reddis, etc.… and other use-case specific data stores such as Azure blob and/or AWS blob stores.


  • Cloud Services: AWS Lambda, Azure Fabric/Logic Apps, Azure Logic Apps, IBM Hyperledger Fabric, various IaaS/PaaS/Saas (cloud messaging, claims-based authentication services such as Azure AD and AWS Cognito as well as other open auth platforms (JWT, Okta, etc.)


  • Dev Tools & Devops: Create intelligent and adaptable release scripts and configurations for use everywhere from local development through dev/qa CI and into production using any combination of Chef, Maven, Munin, Ant, Fabric or shell scripts driven by Jenkins. Others such as Git, Ops Genie, Jetbrains, Bash/Shell scripts, PHP, Python, Visual Studio, TeamCity, Octo Deploy, Sonarqube, etc.…


  • Exceptional benefits and a culture that pays for performance and allows top-talent individual contributors to be properly rewarded for amazing excellence of engineering solutions.


Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States legally.

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