MACHINE Vision Engineers

Newton, MA · Job # 8038BK

Early-Stage BIOTECH:

You will be responsible for developing computer vision and pattern recognition algorithms for prototypes and final products; including delivery of robust infra-structures

Our client company is searching for  machine vision software engineers for  the inventor and implementer of the Vasculomics® Platform which, was designed to process 3D data sets produced by a variety of tomographic scanners to detect and very precisely reconstruct for geometric and morphologic analysis organ-specific 3D diseases. 


  • MS / Ph.D. in Computer Science or Engineering with a solid 3D computer vision experience
  • Strong mathematical background
  • Experience of at least 4-5 years in 3D segmentation and pattern recognition. Machine learning experience is a plus.

Skills Desired:

  • Experience in scientific computing and algorithm design ability
  • Proficiency in C++ and object oriented programming
  • Strong experience of working on both Linux and Windows programming environment
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills


  • Experience in image processing
  • Experience with 2D user interfaces
  • Exposure to 3D visualization systems and techniques
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