Machine Learning Engineer- Healthcare Leader

Remote- Boston, MA · Job # 9028RK

Lead the Way to Improving Healthcare Outcomes in 2023!

Your Mission:

  • Collaborate with data scientists, analysts, business and IT teams to design, implement, and deploy Machine Learning and AI services using Python, PySpark, Azure services, Databricks, Terraform, and other open-source software.  
  • Lead by example, to develop plans, designs, code, and documentation, and to perform code reviews, testing, and debugging.  
  • Direct and maintain best practices within the data science community with automated, repeatable data pipelines. 
  • Create templates for data scientists, embracing leading-edge modeling techniques 
  • Establish a Feature Store with tens of thousands of features available to use in predictive models 
  • Define monitoring, auditing, data lineage, and dependency tracking for data pipelines to improve quality 
  • Integrate ethical AI bias monitoring and drift analysis into modelling processing 
  • Standardize the definitions of clinical, financial, and actuarial features for use across the business
  • Build and deploy ML models on Azure, using best practices in security, and Azure services 
  • Understand best practices for effective predictive models, including cluster management and algorithms, and evangelize with Humana Data Scientists 
  • Thrive in a fast-paced agile environment, closely interacting with business analysts, software engineers, machine learning scientists, data engineers, and data scientists 
  • Mentor junior team members, to help grow and mature the overall skillset of the team 


Required Skills/Experience:

  • 5+ years exp as ML Engineer with significant Python experience
  • Experience with Cloud platforms  
  • Experience deploying models
  • Experience with Pandas/Pyspark in work environment or via self-study
  • Solid knowledge of data structures and algorithms 
  • Ability to learn new technologies and comprehend unfamiliar data domains and business processes quickly 
  • BS in Computer Science or related field (potential academic foundations of interest-Mechanical/Electrical engineer, Physics, Math, Statistics as a minor.


Areas of Interest to share (not required):   

  • Open-source contributions and portfolio of shipped code at GitHub 
  • Familiarity with Healthcare industry
  • Sample projects of innovation with ML/AI/NLP, i. e.; Kaggle competitions and Hackathons 
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