Machine Learning Architect - Algorithms

Boston, MA · Job # 8230BK

Our client company is seeking a System Architect for designing Optical Processing Unit (OPU) accelerator algorithms and collaborating with product developing and hardware design.


  • Design, implement and evaluate software interfaces and algorithms for controlling the OPU
  • Perform research to improve OPU accelerator performances in general deep learning models
  • Collaborate with hardware engineers on engineering efficient low-level implementation
  • Collaborate with deep learning engineers on product oriented model development

Preferred Qualifications:

  • PhD in computer science or related field, with significant publication records
  • Highly proficient in varieties of deep learning frameworks, e.g. Tensorflow, Caffe, MXNet, Pytorch, etc.
  • Strong background in data structures and algorithms
  • Experience in low-level interfaces of machine learning frameworks
  • Experience in maintaining large scale and multi-language codebases
  • Understanding with real-time constraints and hardware interfaces
  • Understanding of the different machine learning accelerator architectures, e.g. GPU, ASIC, FPGA
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