Junior Software Engineer

Cambridge, MA · Job # 8241BK

A Set Of Skills That Our Client Company Is Looking For:
•    strong Object Orientated Programming knowledge/concepts
•    strong data structures knowledge/concepts
•    thorough and thoughtful approach to work

•    Develop integrations between existing and new systems
•    Promote a scalable (speed and complexity) architecture to support the business
•    Work with cross-functional teams to devise solutions to their business needs
•    Develop systems interfacing and adapting to the real world (sensor, IoT, and other new technologies)
•    Build extremely resilient and reliable programs
•    Develop and scale their Inventory Management and Logistic models

You should have:
•    Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or related field
•    Minimum of 2 years of relevant software engineering experience
•    Solid working knowledge of a programming language (they use Python and they will accept candidates who want to learn Python)
•    Strong OOP foundation
•    Ability to work with the existing Internal Platform team and everybody else

Great if you:
•    Are open-minded and willing to learn new technologies and process
•    Bring a methodical, careful and architecture-focused mindset with the ability to work in a fast-paced startup environment
•    Can put in flexible hours to get things right

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