Hardware Architect

Boston, MA · Job # 8081BK

Our client company is seeking a hardware systems design lead for architecting and designing, and integrating analog circuits, digital circuits, and photonic integrated circuits on the company’s printed circuit board product.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering, or equivalent experience in Electrical and Computer engineering with background in high speed analog/digital systems and circuits 
  • 5+ years of industrial experience
  • Proficient in PCB level mixed signal system design, evaluation and testing
  • Good understanding of statistical methods and data analysis tools 
  • Able to work proactively on identifying problems and solve them 
  • Able to work on the bench testing and complex characterization 
  • Experience with any automated test equipment 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experienced in high speed analog/RF systems and circuits (experience with 10+ giga bit per second SerDes, or giga sample per second ADC/DAC in a signal path, circuits with sub 100fsec jitter, or similar) 
  • Highly capable of circuit level and system level simulations and modeling in a mixed mode simulation environment. Understand circuit tradeoffs for Gsps systems for best figure of merit performance, be it for PLLs, oscillators, ADCs, DACs, amplifiers etc. 
  • Proficient with Matlab/Simulink or system simulation tools such as Cadence tools to develop system simulations that include circuit behavioral models, package models and circuit components. Ability to analyze systems across analog and digital boundaries. 
  • Experience in resolving differences between simulation and real time prototype silicon to demonstrate value in proposed solution 
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