Data Scientist

Cambridge, MA · Job # 7894BK

You will work within the engineering team to improve their machine learning models and data analysis platform. You will work closely with software developers to create and scale new models and perform analysis of their recommendations, business analytics, and campaign statistics systems. This is more than theory development; you will be expected to get your hands dirty and help implement these algorithms directly into their product.


  • Develop and optimize new machine learning models for their recommendations system, as well as for various predictive analytics features

  • Prototype and help develop the implementation of these algorithms into a scalable production environment

  • Create performant solutions to massive data analysis problems

  • Validate statistical modeling to improve data validity and reporting quality


  • Proficiency with linear algebra, multivariate calculus, and statistics is critical

  • Experience utilizing machine learning algorithms

  • Experience with coding data mining logic in R, Python or Java

  • Experience with Bayesian inference a strong plus

  • Math, statistics or hard science background preferred

  • Understand relevant statistical measures such as confidence intervals, credibility intervals, significance of error measurements, development and evaluation data setsĀ 

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience with dimensionality reduction, feature extraction, hyperparameter optimization and NLP

  • Experience with streaming, online implementations of algorithms

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