Boston, MA · Job # 7690BK

Our client is a DATA driven company. 

You will be sifting through lots and lots of DATA to identify the METADATA that will support an effective and enjoyable user experience.  You will also be programming – building the infrastructure needed to analyze the data. 

  • You need to build data marts. 

  • You need to build traffic models. 

  • You need to build business models. 

  • You need to analyze the way consumers use the client’s site/app. 

  • You need to leverage the significant internal resources that do data mining and machine learning to build recommenders. 

  • You need to analyze data and help to build needed tools. 

You must be hands-on and want to solve important business problems that depend on “big data” analysis.  You must have serious technical chops and effective communication skills.  Sometimes you will build the solution yourself, and sometimes you will be coordinating the efforts of others, but at all times you will be expected to think creatively about solving the business problem. 


  • Solid RDBMS operational knowledge with outstanding SQL skills

  • Ability to transform raw, noisy log level data into useful business fact tables

  • Solid database design skills

  • ETL expertise

  • Computer Science expertise – algorithms, data structures, software engineering

  • A natural affinity for math, especially for statistics

  • Ability to understand and communicate business needs

  • Ability to come up to speed quickly in order to understand and coordinate the work of domain experts – in particular the ability to work effectively with the Machine Learning team.

  • Strong sense of responsibility: taking pride in your work, leveraging others, owning the problem

  • And you love, and we mean LOVE, data

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