Agile Manager

Boston, MA · Job # 7970BK

Job Overview:

  • You will have direct supervisory responsibility for a team of Lean Leads (LL) in their Lean-Agile transformation to SAFe. You will coach leaders, teams and LL s in Lean-Agile practices and mindsets. You will drive LL recruiting efforts to support the goal of building high performing teams.
  • You are an expert in lean/Agile practices and one or more knowledge domains (i.e. technical, business, transformation) while having skill in facilitation, mentoring, training and professional coaching. You should be comfortable working at all levels to help the organization use Agile as a strategic asset of culture change and business value generation.


  • Lean-Agile Practitioner: Knows and appreciates the depths of Lean-Agile practices and principles so they may influence individuals, teams, and managers of all levels within the organization. Believes in the change we have embarked upon and is a living example of principles and practices they coach.
  • Coaching: able to guide others on a journey of self-discovery through observation, questioning, nudging, and other tools to help them understand and execute Lean, Agile, and continuous improvement through problem solving.
  • Facilitating: Sets a high bar for facilitation of team and ART level ceremonies, problem solving sessions, conflict resolutions, and similar meetings. Able to facilitate a team during Program Increment Planning.
  • Transformation Mastery: acts a change agent within the organization. Can effectively operate at multiple levels of management, including the senior executives, in order to address systemic problems and advance Lean-Agile adoption. Know how to keep Lean real and practical.
  • Business Mastery: Obtains a practical working knowledge or our customers and products, particularly the value proposition we present to our customers, and is able to convey that information effectively to individuals and teams in order to build connections for them between the work they do and purpose it serves. Establishes relationships with more knowledgeable business people and draws upon their expertise when needed.
  • Technical Mastery: Displays a working knowledge of our software systems and methods and process for creating and delivering software in order to more effectively coach and teach, as well as remove impediments. Establishes relationships with more knowledgeable technical people and draws upon their expertise when needed.
  • Mentoring: Able to roster the personal and professional growth of someone else through the sharing of knowledge, skills, and perspectives and use of the mentoring arc.
  • Teaching: uses a variety of teaching methods in order to impart knowledge and guidance to individuals and teams. Capable of teaching in a classroom or lecture setting in an effective manner in order to train large groups of people at once.
  • Continuous Learning: Recognize the limits of what you know and understand what is needed by the organization in order to proactively expand your knowledge and experience so you can effectively lead and coach others.


  • Certified Scrum Master
  • 3-5 years managerial / supervisory responsibilities
  • 1-2 years Lean-Agile coaching experience
  • BS degree

Preferred Qualifications:

  • SAFe Program Consultant Certification
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