There are several ways we can work with your company. The most common is under a Contingency Agreement.

This means that you solicit NDT for the purpose of filling one or more positions. Under this arrangement, you send us the job descriptions for all the positions you need filled. We then begin the "process of placement". Please note that we only receive a fee when we place a candidate in your company.

Exclusive Contingency

Another manner in which you can work with us is under an Exclusive Contingency arrangement. This arrangement is the best when you need us to allocate a special commitment of time, resources, and productivity on a particular assignment. In return for exclusivity, we allocate more of our company's resources to help with your hiring needs.

Retained Search

Retained Search is an arrangement under which your company retains the services of NDT to focus solely on filling critical, hard-to-fill positions or making quiet hires. Placing qualified candidates for openings like these require the time, expertise and specific industry knowledge and connections, which NDT possesses.

Whether you work with NDT under a Contingency, Exclusive Contingency, or Retained Search agreement, our ability to hit the mark again and again underscores the fact that our methodology is a science and our results an art.