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The Gift of Giving Back During a Pandemic

Posted on August 3, 2020

During an uncharted challenging time for individuals, families and businesses, we have all had to shift to a new normal. As a recruiter for 20+ years, it became clear to me back in March that this would become a time unlike any other I had experienced in my career. Some of NDT’s client companies began placing “a pause” on hiring while they figured out how to transition all employees to virtual work from home. Others have hired right through this challenging time with the interview process completed 100% virtually.

Back in March, I became focused on how New Dimensions in Technology (NDT) may offer career guidance expertise and make this time easier on students, with many not knowing which direction to turn as job opportunities and internships disappeared. As an alum of the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, I reached out to the University to offer career conversations, mentoring for recent grads and a virtual internship opportunity. Hence, NDT’s Social Media summer Internship was born!

Our partnership with an exceptional student resulted in a fresh assessment of our company’s social media presence and a wealth of recommended website improvements. After just a few initial conversations, we were able to “hit the ground running” as a team. I had the new experience of setting aside dedicated virtual time each week for a student and the student, who lost her previously confirmed internship opportunity in NYC, swiftly acclimated to working with a Boston-based company, while at home in California. We could not be more delighted by what we have accomplished together in the past 7 weeks, both learning from each other along the way. Our summer intern is currently planning to return to the SU campus for the fall semester, with the expectation of a hybrid model of classroom and virtual learning. It has become quite clear that the Gift of Giving back to the SU community during this pandemic also become a gift to me and the entire NDT team this summer. We wish our intern the best as she returns for her senior year and look forward to updates as she continues to grow her career.

As we enter into August, the demand for hiring Software Engineers, Web Developers, IT Security and Product Management talent is now returning to the more robust level experienced back in January 2020, before we were all directly affected by the pandemic. We are excited to be actively recruiting for newly created remote and “remote for now” opportunities in Healthcare-tech, including manufacturing of Covid-19 testing kits, Edtech, with expansion of global online learning, Fintech and Cybersecurity. The NDT team is cautiously optimistic that hiring of tech and tech-business talent will continue on a positive upswing in the upcoming weeks and months!!

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Risa Kahn,
Recruiting Manager