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Tech Job Market and Interviewing 2021

Posted on January 29, 2021

I was honored to be invited by Tufts University to speak at a Zoom Workshop last week entitled “Technology Recruitment Update with Tufts Alum, Risa Kahn.”

In attendance were students and alum eager to hear about real time data on trends in tech and the state of open opportunities in the 2021 job market. I enjoyed providing insights on the notable changes in the tech industry during Covid-19, and I suggested techniques to stand out in today’s job market as well as recommendations on the best practices to lead to ongoing career success. Some highlights included discussion about how Zoom interviews and remote new employee onboarding have become the norm. Previous full day on-site interviews have now been transformed into a variety of face-to-face assessments done via video, including online team meeting facilitation exercises, tech business problem solving sessions and a variety of tech assessments presented to a virtual team.

We also discussed how it is an exciting time to explore many newly created opportunities in Healthcare Tech, Fintech and Edtech! The majority of Boston/Cambridge based companies intend to continue in full or partial remote mode going forward. Plans are in place for some to maintain an office space for team members to meet a few times a week in person as we come out of the pandemic. Tech talent and Tech companies have proven that great minds can effectively and efficiently collaborate virtually without missing a beat for right now!

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Risa Kahn, Recruiting Manager