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Our VP Recruiting, Larry Kahn, quoted in the Boston Globe Business Section

Posted on November 30, 2017

Michael Dell says EMC merger working out better than expected
By Jon Chesto and Andy Rosen - Globe Staff - November 28, 2017

EMC and Dell first combined forces with a sales alliance that began in 2001. Then in 2008, Dell said he called Tucci and suggested a full merger. Secret talks ensued, but bankers walked away from the deal the following year because of the financial crisis.

Dell subsequently took his namesake company private in 2013, to help shield it from Wall Street’s quarterly demands. Less than a year later, he approached Tucci again to restart merger talks. This time, the timing turned out to be right.

The company hasn’t disclosed how many jobs have been cut following the merger.

As was the case with EMC before combining with Dell, industry observers say there continue to be layoffs with the new company, while some workers are leaving for other opportunities.

“Perhaps a few years ago, I might have presented an opportunity where someone at EMC might have said, ‘No, I’m very happy,’ ” said Larry Kahn, vice president at the recruiting firm New Dimensions in Technology Inc. “Now with some of the uncertainty. . .they might be more interested in the opportunities I might have.”