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Beverly A. Kahn attending the MassTLC 2014 Healthcare Conference

Posted on November 26, 2014

Beverly A. Kahn, Founder & President of New Dimensions in Technology (NDT) (www.ndt.com), will be attending the MassTLC 2014 Healthcare Conference "Transforming Healthcare through Technology and Innovation" on Wednesday - December 3, 2014 at UMass in Boston.


"There are few industries in which technology is having a bigger, more transformative impact than healthcare. The use of innovative technological applications is revolutionizing patient care every step of the way – from preventative care through patient rehabilitation - and establishing a patient-centric paradigm in which technology is powering a new future in human health.

The rapid pace of technological development, the availabilities of new infrastructures and the cloud, and decreasing the costs of medical testing and procedures have opened the door for massive growth in industries serving the healthcare market."

Beverly will be joining MassTLC and leading experts in the healthcare industry for this full-day conference, "which will explore the myriad of ways Massachusetts’ technologies and innovations are transforming the healthcare ecosystem and the future of patient care."